Receive orders and reservations directly on your smartphone or tablet

Click to see demo order and reservation

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Online menu

  • Designed to stimulate appetite and increase sales

  • Flexible and easy to maintains and set up

Order customization

  • Choices and add-ons keep your menu compact and well organized

  • They are also the easiest way to up-sell


  • One page checkout, optimized to increase conversion

  • Data pre-filled for returning clients

  • No account required

Real time confirmation

  • Your client holds the line while you review the order

  • Waiting is entertaining with useful messages

Table reservations

  • Easy to use table reservations widget

  • Possibility to order in advance

  • All reservations are received and confirmed in real time with the restaurant app

Improve your Restaurant WiFi

Let guests connect using Facebook or with their name and email, and use data to send out marketing campaigns.

Automatically send Email reminders to invite guests to visit your restaurant again or to order.

The customer can see the Menu and order or make a table reservation directly from the Email.

Increase your revenue by 30% with a food ordering and automatic follow-up invitations.