How the online food ordering software works2018-12-31T11:43:43+00:00

Easily setup your restaurant profile

Powerful online ordering software doesn’t have to be complicated.

Start FoodSpot platform is the proof for that fact.

Simply pin your restaurant’s location on the map, add opening hours and other information.

No coding skills required, no trick questions or long forms to fill out.

Create your own restaurant menu online in a couple of minutes

Our restaurant menu builder allows you to add food categories, yummy dishes, toppings and so on, as part of the setup.

With a highly intuitive interface and easy setup, you should be minutes away from taking online orders.

Install the free order taking app for restaurants

Get a notification on your smartphone or tablet each time an order is placed

You have 3 minutes to confirm an order, while we keep your clients busy.

It takes less time to install the app than the time you have for accepting a delivery or pickup!

Add the online ordering button on your Facebook page or website

At this point, all that’s left is to add the “See MENU & Order” button on your Facebook page and website.

Open up a whole new world to start selling online in an ever-growing technological world.


• One dedicated smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) for taking online orders and reservations (per restaurant location).

• Permanent internet connection for the order taking device.

Improve your Restaurant WiFi

Let guests connect using Facebook or with their name and email, and use data to send out marketing campaigns.

Automatically send Email reminders to invite guests to visit your restaurant again or to order.

The customer can see the Menu and order or make a table reservation directly from the Email.

Increase your revenue by 30% with a food ordering and automatic follow-up invitations.