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Accept orders & use the Restaurant order taking app

Using the order taking app

Once the “See MENU & Order” button is published on the restaurant’s website or Facebook page, the food clients will be able to browse through the menu and place orders.

As part of the account setup, we prompt the restaurant account holder to install an app (the order taking app) in order to receive and accept the incoming orders from clients.

Each time an online order is placed, the restaurant is notified in real time.

Watch this video that shows the client’s and the restaurant’s experience with online orders:

The order is received in the order taking app and the restaurant account holder should accept it (or reject it) within a 3 minutes interval, otherwise the order status changes to “missed”.

How to install the order taking app

Set it up from the restaurant’s admin panel Menu setup & receive orders / Receive orders section.

Click on Next button and select the type of device you are using (Android and iOS devices are supported).

An email or SMS with the download link will be sent within minutes.

Install the app on multiple devices

The app may be installed on another device, starting from the same section, Connect to another device link.

Please note, although the order taking app may be installed on multiple devices, only one cab be active, so logging in on the new device will log out the app on all previous devices.

Minimum requirements for the mobile device

• charging while on
• good WiFi signal
• loud speaker
• android v 4.4 or later (with Google Play supported) or iOS 9.0 or later
• decent materials (meaning not to fall apart after 2 months of usage and get a broken charger socket, displaced screen, etc).
• at least 1gb of RAM memory

Ensure good app connectivity

Our system checks every few minutes if it still has a connection with the phone / tablet where the order taking app is installed.

Food clients can only place orders if the order taking app is connected. In case it is not possible to establish a connection, you can not receive orders so we show this message to your customer:

To prevent connectivity issues, make sure the mobile devise has:

• good WiFi or mobile data signal
• no battery saver app installed (for Android devices)
• no task killer installed (for Android devices)
• internet connection (test by accessing from your device)
• make sure the order taking app runs in foreground (especially for iOS devices, as iOS does not support background mode)

  • Online menu
  • Order customization
  • Checkout
  • Real time confirmation
  • Table reservations
  • Ringing like a telephone
  • The menu editor
  • Reporting module
  • Multi-location support

Turn off the alarm in the order taking app

The alarm cannot be turned off – when it starts ringing, the only way to stop it is to accept or reject the corresponding order.

Otherwise it rings for 3 min.

Turn the volume up/down

We normally advise to keep ringtone volume high, especially in a crowded, noisy place. We do not have a capability to change this from the order taking app.

This unique sound notification is designed to be heard easily even in a noisy environment, to avoid the unpleasant situations caused by missing orders. Also the notification sound stops automatically as soon as you provide an answer to the order by choosing to accept or deny it.

However, for extra control over the notification volume (e.g. turn it up), connect some external speakers which have volume controller to the order taking device.

Or use a Bluetooth headset and only the person wearing it will hear the sound and also be able to adjust the volume.

This way, the dedicated orders-taking person remains “tuned” to order taking and the dining place stays quiet.

3 minutes order acceptance time

The app generates an alert every time a new order appears. The available time to accept or reject the order is 3 minutes, during which time the ringing continues.

Please note, this is about 6 times as long as a client would wait until hanging up the phone.

The client is waiting on-screen for the confirmation during these 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, if the order is not processed, we mark it as “missed” and display a message to the client, including the restaurant’s phone number and recommend to call.

Most restaurants accept orders 95% of all orders in less than 55 seconds.

They place the tablet in a location and train a few members of the staff on how to accept an order and insert it into the POS system.

Can this interval be adjusted in the administration panel?

The restaurant account holder doesn’t have the possibility to change the 3 minutes interval.

We also will not change the timer to more than 3 minutes. The food clients are waiting on screen for the order confirmation and they would like to see right away how long it takes to deliver or pick up.

We have found that this real-time, on-screen experience is something clients highly value so they come back over and over again to place more orders.

Temporarily closed

(for holidays, vacation or some other unexpected reasons)

There are several simple ways for a restaurant to become unavailable for online ordering.

Change the opening hours to being all the time closed until the restaurant resumes normal operations.

This may be done for pickup, respectively delivery.

Or just set Pickup on “No” and Delivery on “Inactive” in the “Services and opening hours” section, then click on the “Next” button to save the settings.

Don’t worry, the delivery zones created already will be available when the service is enabled again.

Optionally you could add a menu category called “Temporarily Closed!” and add one “dish” text with the reason for closing and with 0 price as first thing on the menu.

When normal operations return, delete or hide the “Temporarily Closed!” category and set back normal opening hours and/or activate the pick-up/delivery services.