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Publish the Restaurant menu on a website or Facebook

How to publish the menu on a Legacy ( your own) website

To start publishing the menu in a website, access the Setup / Publishing /Legacy website section in the admin panel and enable this option, then tap on the Next button.

Insert the website domain.

Many restaurants work with a website developer or agency – they can send the request and the HTML code directly from our system, or choose to perform the task themselves.

Choosing the “I’ll do this myself” option opens a separate page where the HTML code specific to the restaurant account is displayed, together with some other instructions on how to use the code.

To come back later on and see the code or add it to another website or page, see again the Setup / Publishing / Legacy website section in the admin panel and go to the HTML code link.

  • Online menu
  • Order customization
  • Checkout
  • Real time confirmation
  • Table reservations
  • Ringing like a telephone
  • The menu editor
  • Reporting module
  • Multi-location support

How to publish the menu in a Facebook page

Please note that a Facebook business page for a restaurant is a different type of page than a personal profile.

Read more about the differences here.

To publish the menu in a Facebook page, it is required to have administration rights for that page.

Here is how the current administrator can give administrative rights.

If these prerequisites are ensured, go to the restaurant’s administration panel Setup / Publishing / Facebook section and enable the option, then click on the Next button.

Start the installation.

Log in into the Facebook account.

Click on the Facebook page button to open the list of pages, and choose the right one, then click on the Add Page Tab button.

To finish, the page needs to be validated in the Restaurant admin panel.

The menu tab has been added to the Facebook page.

The page appears in the administration panel.

It is possible to add again or add the menu tab in a different page, plus two additional options are revealed after the first menu publishing in a Facebook page.

To raise the priority of the ordering tab in the Facebook page, go to the page Settings / Edit page section and drag the menu tab up in a better position.

To change the tab name, click on the Settings button next to it and again on Edit settings.

Type a new name and save it. Keep it short and simple!

To remove the ordering tab from the Facebook page, go to the page settings and access the tab settings.

Then set the tab to Off and Save.

When defining the call to action, it is required to specify a link where the button should point to.

We provide such custom link to the restaurant’s menu in Facebook, in the Facebook (Sharing) page.

See also the detailed instructions in the Facebook (Shop now) section in the admin panel.