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Restaurant WiFi & Food Ordering

Boost revenue by reminding guests to visit again or order food for delivery

Easily integrate Online food ordering system with  Restaurant WiFi

  • Automatically remind guests to visit your restaurant after 30 days

  • Your customers can put order from your website or a Facebook page

  • Allow your customers to book a table from your website and mobile app

  • Receive orders and reservations directly on your smartphone or tablet

  • Create a branded ordering experience on your website or Facebook page

  • Grow your restaurant brand’s online presence

How it works

Upon accessing your hotspot, guest is automatically redirected to the Restaurant self-branded login page.

If you set Splash Page with Free access login method and enable collect customer data feature, you will get customer email, full name and other previously configured contact details, so you can craft Email campaigns that engage and deliver results.

Customer details ( previously configured on the Splash page) will be stored on the Start Hotspot portal, in the User / User Details section.

When a user leaves the restaurant, you can send him a follow-up email with a customer survey.

The guest can choose suitable time to complete it.

After 30 days, send Email reminder to your customer and invite him to check restaurant offer.
The customer can see the Menu and order or make a table reservation directly from the Email.

To summarize:

Guest side:

  • Customer receive Email reminder after some time period

  • By clicking on the See menu button, he will see your offer and order online

  • After selecting desired meal he will be redirected to the shopping cart

Restaurant side:

  • Each order you receive is instantly pushed to your order taking app

  • The phone rings, giving you 3 minutes to review and confirm the order

  • When order is placed, you get a real-time notification on your device

  • Online menu
  • Order customization
  • Checkout
  • Real time confirmation
  • Table reservations
  • Ringing like a telephone
  • The menu editor
  • Reporting module
  • Multi-location support

How to improve Restaurant WiFi ?

Restaurant WiFi software helps you improve your WiFi and guest satisfaction.

Create a free or paid Restaurant Internet access, engage guests with advertisements, collect surveys and understand what you can do better to improve guest satisfaction.

Take your WiFi to the next-level and improve quality of the Internet service, guest satisfaction and overall restaurant review rating.

Restaurant WiFi allows you to track your customer’s behaviors, analyse the demographics and habits of your visitors, display location-based ads or fully-featured campaigns that target customers by age, gender and interest.

Improve your business and attracts new customers by offering WiFi in your restaurant, send specials based on customer interests, put the latest promotion, offer discounts, collect guest surveys or display a coupon to be redeemed at your restaurant